3 Tips to Care for your Bouquets: Before your Wedding!

Now, you have collected your flowers from your wedding florist. How do you ensure that you keep your flowers fresh before your march-in or prewedding photoshoot?

Here are 3 key tips that will help your bouquet stay fresh!

1. keep in water

If your bouquet has its stems showing at the bottom, do place them in water! Fresh water helps to prolong the life of your flowers. Brides of Liz Florals can be assured that your bouquet will be delivered with a container of water!

2. place in Air-conditioned room

Singapore’s weather can be quite unforgiving! Place your flowers in an air-conditioned room, and away from direct sunlight.

If you do not have an air-conditioner at home, we recommend placing it in a cooling spot in your home!

3. Put them away from fruits

This might be something new to most of us! Certain fruits emit gas that can make flowers wither faster. So avoid putting them side by side to prolong the life of your flowers. Some hotel rooms provide a basket of fresh fruits, thus place your flowers away from them!

That’s it! We hope these 3 tips to care for your flowers are helpful to you. Stay tuned for our next article which will share about how to care for your flowers after your wedding or photoshoot!

With love, Liz