Flower Meanings behind your Bespoke Bouquet

Have you ever wondered how your florist decides on the flower types for your wedding? Do they consider flower meanings when selecting the blooms for your bouquet, and what goes through their minds when they create something for you?

A few months ago, we wrote an excerpt for Lovestills™’s  article on the symbolism of flowers behind bridal bouquets, which focused on some thoughts that went behind  Bride Jodine’s bespoke bouquet.

Bouquet by Liz Florals
Photo by Desmond Sean Teo

Factors involved in liz florals bouquet creation

It is important to note that many factors come to play when we create a bouquet. Some of these factors include textures, colours, shape, and depth. At Liz Florals, we keep certain flower meanings in mind when trying to personalise our bouquets, thus we hope this adds a special touch to your flowers!

flower Meanings behind Jodine’s Bespoke Bouquet

When Lovestills™ asked if we included flower meanings in our bouquet creation process, and here is what we shared:

Lilac Matthiolas

“I chose matthiolas because they symbolize being contented with what one has at present, and a long life of happiness – which is what I wish for the couple. It is also a way to symbolize beauty that never fades.”


Dusty Miller or Silver Leaves

“I added in 2 different types of eucalyptus for the rustic effect that Jodine likes, and paired them with silver leaves for a velvet romantic feel that reminded me of her preference of novels over movies. They also symbolize happiness, and are called snow-in-summer.”


“Limonium or caspia symbolize remembrance. To me, I hope it reminds Jodine the importance of remembering who she is even as she takes on new roles as a Wife and Daughter-in-law.”

Green Eryngiums

“Green eryngiums were chosen because they’re like stars and give some texture to the bouquet. The shape also reminds me of the sun, and nature – which is something she likes.”

Now that you have an idea of what goes behind a bespoke bouquet, how do you help your florist create your dream bouquet? In our next article, we will share 5 tips on what you can do to attain your dream bouquet.

P.S. The first tip is to contact your favourite florist to enquire about his or her availability for your wedding date! If you like our work & are looking for a Singapore Florist, contact Liz Florals with your wedding date here!
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3 Tips to Care for your Bouquets: Before your Wedding!

Now, you have collected your flowers from your wedding florist. How do you ensure that you keep your flowers fresh before your march-in or prewedding photoshoot?

Here are 3 key tips that will help your bouquet stay fresh!

1. keep in water

If your bouquet has its stems showing at the bottom, do place them in water! Fresh water helps to prolong the life of your flowers. Brides of Liz Florals can be assured that your bouquet will be delivered with a container of water!

2. place in Air-conditioned room

Singapore’s weather can be quite unforgiving! Place your flowers in an air-conditioned room, and away from direct sunlight.

If you do not have an air-conditioner at home, we recommend placing it in a cooling spot in your home!

3. Put them away from fruits

This might be something new to most of us! Certain fruits emit gas that can make flowers wither faster. So avoid putting them side by side to prolong the life of your flowers. Some hotel rooms provide a basket of fresh fruits, thus place your flowers away from them!

That’s it! We hope these 3 tips to care for your flowers are helpful to you. Stay tuned for our next article which will share about how to care for your flowers after your wedding or photoshoot!

With love, Liz