Surprise Me! bouquets

Kickstarting our Surprise Me! bouquets with fresh flowers! With the COVID-19 situation, flower supplies are unpredictable, but this makes flower choices very exciting!
Every few weeks, we will have special colour palettes of fresh flowers – simply fill in the order form to preorder!

We have a White and Cream Palette for 1st Oct (Thurs) & 2nd Oct (Fri)!


It’s always a good time for beautiful surprises

You can opt for fuss-free wrapped bouquets at $108 or flower jars at $68! The flowers come in refreshing colours (gentle reminder that photos are for reference only & have slight colour edits!), at least 5 types of flowers/foliage, and can be delivered this Thursday or Sunday, between 10am to 5pm.

This week we have them in White and Cream tones!

Place your orders below and we will revert in 12h with payment details! Note that your order is only confirmed after we have received payment!

Dimensions of Bouquet: ~30cm x 20cm (flowers & foliage), ~40cm x 25cm (flowers & foliage with wrapping)   |   Dimensions of Jar Flowers: ~20cm x 20cm (flowers & foliage)

If you do not hear from us in 12h, please reach out on Instagram or email us at!