Everlasting Preserved Bouquets

For Always & Always

In light of COVID-19, we are releasing a limited series of dried & preserved flower items named after values we need in unpredictable times like now – Grace, Gratitude, Courage, Love, Patience, Hope.

Thank your partner, sibling, parent, friend & shower them with love with these Everlasting Gift Bouquets, or pamper yourself with them!

These preserved flowers retain their looks & last for months (even years) without any water. Simply lay them on the shelf away from strong sunlight and wind, or prop them upright in our signature wrapping, and enjoy!

The Bouquet dimensions are ~38cm in height x 26cm x 13cm, including wrapping. Each bouquet contains rose, hydrangea, cotton flower, dried wheat and more. Place your orders ideally 3 days in advance and do note that all prices are inclusive of delivery! As the items are handmade, every piece will look different. There may be slight variations in colours or flower types but rest assured that the best available flowers will be selected for your bouquet!

You can upgrade your Bouquet designs into flower jars and even dome arrangements too!

For orders from April to 10th May, we will donate 10% of proceeds to charity, and our chosen organisation is The Courage Fund, under NCSS, to support those affected by COVID-19.

Gentle Note: We will do our best to fulfil all orders as safely as possible! However if there are new measures that prevent us from working from home / operating online / lead to disruption of courier deliveries, rest assured you will be informed and your payment will be kept as store credits for use by end of 2021.

Festive Launch: Cherish (Blush & Red Dome)  $118

As we look back on the eventful year, and look ahead to a new hopeful one, may this preserved floral arrangement bring joy & light with a switch of a button! May this remind us to cherish all we have & love.

Red is almost always synonymous with festive events, such as Christmas! We created this piece to be something timeless; that can be enjoyed even post Christmas! Switch on the festive lights for some fun, and switch it off to enjoy the everlasting flowers on their own. Blush tones are a must for a hint of romance because we do need that in times like these. Enjoy this piece for a long time to come and on its own as an intricate home decoration!

Reflection (Autumn Flower Dome)   $118

As with the change in seasons, we change for the better as we reflect, gain insights, and be thankful for the good in our lives.

Does the colours of autumn make you fall in love with life? Tones of red, burgundy, mustard, brown, dusty rose, reminds us that things never stay the same. Through change and reflection, we gain insights to help us lead more fulfilling lives. I hope this flower dome reminds you of an everlasting Autumn, immortalised into this arrangement. In a world of chaos and a multitude of different perspectives, may we find the chance to reflect, be mindful, and see clarity as we grow in life.

jar-s.f.u.r. You (Hydrangea Marble Jar)   $88

Solidarity. Fortitude. Unity. Resilience. With special focus on Fortitude, which is the name of the 4th Budget released in Singapore, let us all have the “mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously”.

Here’s something  Jar-S.F.U.R. You! 4 important values packed in 1 jar of everlasting hydrangeas. If you are wondering, the 4 different hydrangea colours represent the names of our 4 Budgets released in Singapore. It’s a great reminder of this present time in our lives and perfect as part of Home Decor, or a gift for your loved one’s Work-From-Home desk!  I hope this reminds you not only of a meadow of flowers amongst the clouds, but also of a Tree. In trying times like now, may we remember our roots and continue growing strong through life, like how a tree stays rooted and grow upwards!    Size: ~22cm (height) x 15cm (width)

Patience (Mauve & Pink)    $88

To remember that all things take time, and good things are worth the wait. While the journey may seem arduous, the best things in life come when we least expect it – all we need, is to have patience.

A mix of mauve and coffee tones, with muted blush and brown – imagine enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the sunset, and waiting for the oven to heat up before you bake. I hope this bouquet reminds you to patiently enjoy process of the different stages of life, even if the end goal does not seem near. The journey is as important as the goal, and with patience, you will see that even in the darkest of times, there is light.

Hope (Blue & SAnd)    $78

Hope – it’s what keeps us going even when the future is uncertain. It encourages us to be creative, step out of our comfort zones, and craft a brighter tomorrow. And sometimes, “in the wave of change, we find our direction”.

Eye-catching blue tones amidst sandy brown hydrangea, wheat and ruscus – it’s like holding the ocean and sand in your hands. I hope this bouquet reminds you of the carefree times running along the beach, hearing the waves lap against the shore, enjoying the sea breeze, picking up seashells and just feeling in the sand in your feet. We will enjoy these experiences again, and when it comes, it will be more precious than ever.

Courage (khaki)    $68

You can find it within yourself to be stronger than you ever thought you could be. Sometimes, strength is in letting go of your fears, and knowing that breathing is enough.

A muted mix of khaki, brown, beige, and blush tones – reminiscent of rice fields. I hope this mix evokes a feeling a calmness and gives you courage to handle your stresses.

Gratitude (Blue)    $68

To cherish all that you have and all that you do not. To be thankful to your loved ones and at peace with oneself. A grateful heart opens doors to powerful perspectives.

Dark blue and hints of soft pink amongst brown, white and beige tones – akin to lakes and meadows of flowers against the backdrop of rolling hills. Imagine being at a place like that, and feeling grateful to be alive. I hope this bouquet reminds you of a peaceful place like that and helps you appreciate the little (but precious) things you have in life.

Love (red)    $68

To wear your heart on your sleeve, despite everything. To make the choice to love regardless of race, religion, culture, circumstance.

Pop of red, blush, and maroon/pink tones amongst muted browns – to signify the burst of colours that come into one’s life when there’s love. It also reminds of the enchanted rose from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. I hope this bouquet brightens up the homes of your loved ones, or cheers you up when you display it on your work-from-desk.

Grace (PINK and blue)    $88

You’ll know that now more than ever, you can handle life with that undisputed resilience, elegance, goodwill, style and sparkle that others see in your eyes.

Shades of pink and a hint of pastel blue amongst white and brown tones – imagine looking out of the airplane window and seeing cotton candy clouds. Life may never be the same anymore after 2020, but take heart that life was meant to be everchanging anyway. I hope this bouquet reminds you that in this season in life, you will rise up to the difficulties and take on life with grace.

P.S. This bouquet is extra special with that preserved David Austen Rose / Garden Rose and some fluffy pink bunny tail grass!

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